Lost in Tasmania with Pete Devries and Asher Pacey



From EpicTV:
“Adventure surfers Peter Devries and Asher Pacey know a thing or two about getting lost… and finding waves. They set off for the remote corners of Tasmania with no plan other than to avoid the well-known surf spots and always surf by themselves. Mission accomplished. Asher brings his usual grab bag of boards, including a sweet little alaia, and Pete does his high performance thing on a variety of waves from a tea-colored right point to a firing righthand wedge. In between there are crazy caves, woodland shacks, and one seriously sweet new song by Nathan Myers on the banjo. Watch out Jack Johnson! Peter Devries, Asher Pacey Lost in Tasmania | Behind the Sections: The Journey of Se7en Signs, Ep. 7″
Pete Devries somewhere in Tasmania

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