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A, 82Rb is a generator-produced, short-lived, positron-emitting cation with biologic properties that are similar to potassium and 201Tl. As with potassium and 201TI, intracellular uptake of 82Rb across the sarcolemmal membrane reflects active cation transport via the Na-K ATPase transport system. In patients with chronic coronary artery disease, myocardial uptake of 82Rb is preserved in viable regions and severely reduced in scarred regions. In the setting of acute myocardial injury and reperfusion, initial uptake of 2Rb reflects blood flow.

Incremental prognostic value of 201Tl reinjection. In patients with prior myocardial infarction and left ventricular dysfunction in whom the assessment of m~ocardial viability is of clinical relevance, 20 n reinjection (Tl-RI) imaging provides incremental prognostic information to clinical, ECG stress testing (ETT), and 201Tl stress-redistribution (Tl-RD) imaging. Similarly, in patients with chronic coronary artery disease and prior myocardial infarction, the scintigraphic variable that was the strongest predictor of hard events (cardiac death or myocardial infarction) was the presence of more than three irreversible defects that remained irreversible after 201n reinjection.

Cardiac PET applications and positron-emitting radiotracers. Advantages of PET over SPECT include accepted method for attenuation correction, high spatial resolution, and increased count density images. Clinically available cardiac PET radiotracers fall within two broad categories: those that evaluate myocardial blood flow and those that evaluate specific metabolic pathways. By labeling various compounds of physiologic interest, valuable insights into biochemical pathways and tissue metabolism can be obtained in functional and dysfunctional myocardium.

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