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By John Eliot Allen

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The formation of the Grand Coulee remained a secret for a few years, till J Harlen Bretz proved that the Columbia River basin used to be the location of big floods 15,000 years in the past that created the panorama we see this present day.

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Egyptian priest to Solon, the Athenian lawgiver, in discussing the many catastrophes "by fire and water" that have repeatedly devastated humankind. From Plato, the Timaeus (introducing the Atlantis legend). And the waters prevailed upon the earth Genesis 7:24 Introduction The idea of an inundation in the Pacific Northwest was first proposed by the pioneer geologist Thomas Condon, who postulated a "Willamette Sound" in 1871. J Harlen Bretz recognized the effects of catastrophic flooding on the Columbia Plateau of eastern Washington in 1919 and named it the "Spokane Flood" from a supposed but unnamed source north of Spokane.

W. Holmes Why should anyone care for geology? There's no life in it, just rocks, things that stay put for the most part, and only a landslide, a sloughing of mud, a river swelling beyond its banks and rolling a rock here or there can make much of a difference. Well, admittedly, there are volcanoes, flows of lava, earthquakes. These things do shift the landscape around a bit, but for most of us such events seem more than a little improbable, like dragon sightings in the county next-door. Even for people in the Northwest, Mount St.

Geology is not just a rock sitting still; it's process; it's change; it's transmutation. But we poor, quick-lived individuals, the drudges of the day, can't see that the tale is going on at this moment, that we're living within it. Like seasons to a May fly, geological changes are outside our time frame and virtually outside our comprehension. "Well," you say, "that still doesn't make it much of a best-seller, does it? 'Process' isn't much of an audience-grabber. It's there, bigger and more screen-filling than ever you imagined.

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