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By Chang, Catherine

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Staff room 8. Waiting area 9. 药剂调配室 3 4 5 52 - 53 6 7 1 Han Salon de Visage 面孔·韩式沙龙 Location: Tokyo Japan Designer: ICHIRO NISHIWAKI Completion date: 2007 项目地点: 日本 东京 设计师: 西胁一郎 完成时间: 2007 54 - 55 Han Salon de Visage is on the third floor of a building located at a residential district in Aoyama, Tokyo, which is very famous for many brand shops. This esthetic salon is a franchise shop of famous esthetician in Korea. Treatment using many kinds of potent stone is this shop’s character. The designers remove the sentiments of the general public from entrance space and create a luxury space.

3 5 2 7 6 4 1 40 - 41 1. Reception 2. Manicure station 3. Waiting area 4. Cutting area 5. Shampoo area 6. Beauty rooms 7. 员工厨房 3 4 1 Hair Culture 发式文化沙龙 Location: Taipei China Designer: CJ STUDIO Photographer: Marc Gerritsen Completion date: 2007 项目地点: 中国 台北 设计师: CJ设计工作室 摄影师: 马克·格里森 完成时间: 2007 42 - 43 Situated in the alley lane, Hair Culture is a salon which has combined with fashion elements to provide individual expert hair care and design. Using the dark brown laser-perforated metallic net to engrave the pattern of waves, it was created to bring a variety of layers and shading effects within the space.

The shampoo area uses indirect lighting 4. The lighting in cutting area and shampoo area contrast each other 5. VIP room is private 6. The perforated metallic brings a variety of layers and shading effects within the space 7. 透过楼梯上的彩色玻璃看沙龙 6 4 5 2 1 44 - 45 3 3 1 1. Cutting area 2. Colour bar 3. VIP room 4. Staff room 5. Shampoo area 6. 洗手间 3 4 5 46 - 47 6 7 1 La Guardia Salon 拉瓜迪亚沙龙 Location: West Village USA Designer: Z-A and Cheng+Snyder Photographer: Danny Bright Completion date: 2007 项目地点: 美国 西村 设计师: Z-A设计事务所和Cheng+Snyder设计事务所 摄影师: 丹尼·布莱特 完成时间: 2007 4 - 4 Heightening the experience of sensory attentiveness provided the conceptual basis for the design.

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