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By Carroll F. Terrell

ISBN-10: 0520036875

ISBN-13: 9780520036871

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Henry: Enrico Aquadelli, steward to Sigismundo. 34. Actum ... : ML, "Executed at the castle of Sigisrnundo ... in the presence of Roberto of Valturio ... freely and in clear understanding ... " This notarization of who was entitled to play a practical joke on whom once more illustrates Sigismundo's unquenchable spirit even in adversity. Sigismundo died at the age of 51, only three and a half months after signing the agreement with Paul II on October 7,1466. 12/53·55 59 Glossary 1. " Pound alludes to the Theatrum in the Baths of Diocletian, situated at the junction of the Quirinal and Viminal hills in Rome, but the arena of the Cantos is at Verona [4:48], where Pound began his meditations on history.

Bernardo Reggio ... : A Homeric roster the south [10:44]. August could also refer to the defeat of the Angevin forces at Troya [cf. 10 below] . of Sigismundo's officers in the battle near Vitelleschi in 1461. Piero della Bella is called a "gay bird" because the Italian (Broglio's chronicle, given by Tonini) reads il gagliardo Fiero della Bella, where gagliardo can have 9. o: R. Malatesta, 1442-1482, Sigismundo s eldest son, made legitimate by Pope Nicholas V. " "Roberto" III refers to Sigismundo's eldest son [cf.

30. and that he rejected: All present at the consistory agreed with Benzi's list of charges, but Federigo d'Urbino and Alessandro Sforza added that Sigismundo also "rejected not one or two articles of the Catholic faith but the entire Catholic Creed" and had no sense of religion. In his Commentaries Pius II even claimed that Sigismundo was in the pay of the Turks and had betrayed the cause of Christianity. Pound adds the charge that Sigismundo did not believe that the Church should own property or have temporal power to show how his ideas were far ahead of his age, prefiguring the criticism later to be leveled against the Church by the Reformation.

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