Frazer Mayor

Date: May 21, 2013 Category:

Frazer grew up on Chestermans Beach in Tofino and started surfing in the Tofino kids surf club when he was about ten.

Ever since his first wave Frazer was hooked, biking to the beach to surf with his close crew of friends throughout his whole gromhood.

For the past five years, Frazer has been traveling around the world and Vancouver Island, surfing waves and having the time of his life.


Best trip: my most recent trip to Indonesia to surf all-time waves with the legend and ADANAC founder, Doogie.

Favorite surf spot:  some of the very fickle reefs on Vancouver Island, when they do work they are near perfection.

Goals: to surf for the rest of my life and to never stop being happy and having fun.